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New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day 2025 and 2026

Finland celebrates New Year’s Day with a public holiday every 1 January, as does most of the rest of the world. However, the celebrations really begin on New Year’s Eve and reach a high point with the turning of the clock from 11:59pm on 31 December to midnight on 1 January.

20251 JanWedNew Year's Day
20261 JanThuNew Year's Day
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New Year’s Day is a time of resolutions and starting fresh for some, while for others it is spent recovering from a big, late night spent with friends and family.

Fireworks are generally not allowed in Finland without special permission, except on New Year’s Eve. Since it’s the only day of the year when Finns can see fireworks shows, you can imagine that every city, town, and village in the country schedules an event. The largest one is in Helsinki in Senate Square.

There was an old tradition in Finland of melting tin in a pan on New Year’s Eve and then throwing it into cold water. The shape of the tin pieces is supposed to tell your fortune for the new year. However, this practice was banned in 2018 due to the danger of lead poisoning since tin contains lead.

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20241 JanMonNew Year's Day
20231 JanSunNew Year's Day