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Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Father’s Day in Finland is observed on the second Sunday of November. This is also the case in Sweden and Iceland. It is not an official public holiday in Finland, but people celebrate it anyway because of the importance of fathers, forefathers and father-figures to the family and to Finnish culture.

202410 NovSunFather's Day
20259 NovSunFather's Day
20268 NovSunFather's Day
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Recently in 2019, Father’s Day was made an official “flag day” in Finland, which means the Finnish flag must be flown from public buildings on this day. This makes it more equal to Mother’s Day in the official sense.

There are only six other “red-letter” flag days in Finland, being Finnish Culture Day, Mother’s Day, Flag Day, Labour Day, Midsummer Day and Independence Day.

Many families take Dad out for a meal or cook him something up at home on Father’s Day. They may give him a card, a small gift, and a big “I love you!”

Previous Years

202312 NovSunFather's Day
202213 NovSunFather's Day